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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

And so, A Writer's Group Begins...

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to be part of a writer's group. I was enthusiastic, to say the least. I actually have some hope that I may settle down and write something because for the first time in 11 years, I will be home alone during the daytime. All the kidlets have grown up enough so they are in school.

Our group had their first meeting last night. Even though I am excited about the potential of what may happen through meeting together; I was full of fear and trepidation. It is very frightening to think of sharing the things I write with people who will actually talk back... and I may even have to see their reactions! Everything within me cringes at the thought, because, of course, I want everyone to like what I write and to say how wonderful and meaningful and life-changing it is to them.

But last night was more real than that. I listened to others as they gave feedback to the brave first presenter of work. I saw her scribble down lots of helpful notes and get excited by what we were sharing... I began to see how, really, it was sharing! My friend, the presenter, had something viable in what she wrote and we came around and helped clear some dust away to make what it was come forth into possibility.

I was encouraged. I also realized how narcissistic it is to just write; gorging out stuff without any consideration as to who would receive it. I am intrigued that the act of writing could become a discipline that would combat narcissism and strengthen me in consideration of others. There is a level of responsibility and beauty to it that I feel invited into, if I care to do the hard work.

I was also pleasantly surprised, when we got to the part in the meeting where we decided how we would like to structure what we write and bring to group, that I have quite a few things simmering around inside me -- some that have been waiting quite awhile to come out.

So, today, the first day after the first meeting of our Writer's Group... I am optimistic and hopeful... now, check in with me in two weeks, when I will be getting ready to present what I have written and you may find different words coming out of my keyboard!!



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