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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Two For One Special Today!!

I had to share this today... it makes me think of Leanne Payne's teaching of a well formed sense of being that leaves the mother securely.

August 23

Some way there must be of my not forgetting,
And thither thou art leading me, my God.
The child that, weary of his mother's petting,
Runs out the moment that his feet are shod,
May see her face in every flower he sees,
And she, although beyond the window sitting,
Be nearer him than when he sat upon her knees.

George MacDonald
Diary of an Old Soul

I think what is touching my heart is that this mother is secure and has given to this child and released him/her. The child is free and it can fly... and still be in relationship with her... not loose her love... it does not have to perform to satisfy the mother. I think this is connected, deep, deep down to my biking on the river... hmmm...


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