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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Sometimes it is just so good to bike and bike and bike...

until my sweat runs clean.

I did that today, biking from home to the U of MN to have lunch with my husband. The kids are at Grandma's and Grandpa's till the weekend. So, I said good-bye to the dog and took off. Oh, how I need days like this every once-in-awhile... where I am free. I am free to stop and talk to a stranger, free to go to a new coffee shop someone mentioned to me... free.

It was lovely to eat at St. Martin's Table with Craig, again. That was actually the site of our first date. Then we biked over the Washington bridge ( and I remember biking with him that first day over that bridge). It feels so amazing to flow in the present in those memories and still be connected to that time and place. We were students then, but now he works there... and loves it. I felt like even though we now have three kids and a dog, we still fit in... we have not lost our youth... He really is lucky to be able to enjoy the college campus as his work place.

We saw our neighbor, who is a student there now, and she directed us to a new coffeeshop on frat. row. The "OX" frat was kicked out and their house has been turned into a WONDERFUL coffeeshop. It was so great to sit in a beautiful house on overstuffed, buttery soft leather chairs by a fireplace and sip GOOD coffee. It is the sort of house you would find in England, and it is beautiful! I am impressed and will go there as often as I can. I think the name of it was, "Bordertown Coffee". It was such a cozy, relaxing atmosphere that I could actually snuggle in a stare at the wood work and rest. It was great.

I can't wait to take my kids there... they will love it!


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At 12:20 PM, Blogger julie said...

i love the vision i have of you riding your bike, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face.

amen to freedom!


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