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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am so grateful...

I am so grateful.

I am so grateful for kind neighbors:

- A girl of 10 who came over to play today and took my three-year-old girl outside to play together. She held her hand crossing the street and kept her arms protectively near the little one as they played. It was beautiful. My three-year-old came home ten feet tall.

- A woman who left a bag of candy and note on the doorstep for this children of this house. The note read, "Thanks! To the wonderful kids that always say hello to me." I will never throw that note away. (moms need encouragement some days, you know!!)

- A friend who came over to play and ended up watching all the kids alone because I had to go to the doctor suddenly. Then she took them out so that I could rest when I came back.

- My brother, who is giving me such gifts from his heart.

I am so grateful.


At 6:43 AM, Blogger julie said...

quit, quit.

i can't keep crying.

i must have had soy recently... so sensitive.

beautiful post.


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