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Thursday, November 02, 2006

To Insure or Not to Insure... That is the Question!

Innward/Outward posted an article by Rick Zemlin yesterday that intrigued me. I am grateful for his laying out his thinking on the issue of carrying health insurance or not.

I have had thoughts similar to his... but I have yet to act on them... (having a family attached to this issue makes it much more complicated).

When I have expressed my desire to live "insurance-less" I have received the same reaction that he had. Anxiety and fear from people and people looking at me like an crazy idealist who can't live that way.

For me, one complication also, is that I have my ear problems. The would be a major medical upkeep and at anytime I could be sent in to surgery if they get worse... which is really only a matter of time... that is why my husband and I opted out of what Rick is presenting, for the time being...

Sometimes we have been without health insurance and we found it better... my brother also spent time without it and he definitely experienced things like Doctors helping out by giving samples of medicines and other things to help with no insurance.

I want to look into some of the alternative solutions that he has engaged in this issue and see if they are viable in our case...

I think insurance cripples us more than we know...

What do you guys think?


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Bechtold Family said...

Hi Jaime, in our situation with heart issues for Katja and Natasja having a cleft palate, it wouldn't be the best for us. I think somewhere along the line the burden is passed to the general population and not everyone is happy to help! =) Anyway, not having read Rick's article, I do know of many Christian people (and probably there are others) who are in a type of co-op. The rates are incredibly low and everyone chips in...In theory, it sounds fantastic and how things should be, particularly in the body of Christ. We haven't looked too far into it because I feel our burden would be too much for the group. At the present time we pay $422 and change A WEEK for health insurance and we still have to pay $20 copays for clinic visits. I think that even with $180,000 in medical bills since February, they are still making money hand over fist or they would have found a way to drop us! God bless you, Jaime, and take care, Linda


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