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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Amazing Kids...

On Abbey Way's first Guesthouse Sunday, the children made a Psalm in Children's Chapel.

We were discussing "trust"; particularly how we can trust God because of who he is and how that is more reliable than trusting anyone or thing else.

We looked at tools that remind us of who God is and why we can then trust him. Tools like: music (worship), the cross (he gives everything), the Bible (he is the Word), the candle on the altar (light), the prayer tree (he is always present to our prayers) and Psalms... to name a few...

We focused in on how Psalms help us. How they help us to express our feelings, what is in our heart, and to remember who God is.

We grouped everyone up and I passed out strips of paper. I asked the kids to compose a line of a Psalm, telling me "why (they) can trust God because of who he is." We then took the strips of paper and put them in order and we had a Psalm.

It was amazing to read that Psalm to them. We were all seated back in our circle and I could just feel the electricity and excitment in the them and in the room! The Psalm was a wonderful declaration!! I am so proud of them. The adults that helped had been instructed to not change spelling or word order... we let it be the kids' own language.

Then a wonderful artist in our community took the Psalm and made it into a poster so that we can put it in our chapels at Abbey Way.

Check it out! Jan posted it on her blog!!


At 6:45 AM, Blogger Sallychka said...

Can each family get a copy??? Please??!! It is beautiful!


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