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Monday, February 09, 2009

A ramble back in...

In September, I wrote that I thought I would be able to post here more often.

Well. Life is full of surprises and I have been seeing how my intentions do not always form my life. (Whew!)

All that said, I noticed a shift in myself last week where I wanted to begin here again. And, as far as I am able to see at this moment, I think I will be able to be more consistent again. I have, for the past few weeks, become more 'disciplined' and intentional in my writing pursuits. There is something opening and expanding there and I think it wants to grow into this space as well.

What is interesting to me -- and would take too long to explain -- is that I want to begin to use this space to talk about the economic crisis and how I experience it's impact upon America and me. There are so many things shifting... and even though they are scary, I think they are healthy shifts. I think we have a HUGE opportunity before us.

I have listened to NPR and all the experts talking for quite some time on this issue, but the other week I came across Speaking of Faith's series: Repossessing Virtue. I think it is wonderful and rather 'holistic' and it is causing me to see and experience things in new ways.

For me, this economic crisis began a long time ago. I have personally been walking away from the 'craziness' of consumerism that has been prevalent in America since before 'Y2K'. Not knowing what would happen and anticipating the potential crisis of Y2K caused me to look at how our family lived. It made me search for the historically consistent, sustainable 'ways' in which to live. That search broght me to look for ways of connection and helping/serving that would strengthen the way our family lives within our community. A lot of the changes that came about were very 'small' or 'unassuming'; yet they have brought about a level of peace that I am grateful for. A quick example is walking or biking to the grocery store near me instead of driving into a suburb to try to get the 'lowest' prices on something. When I walk to the store, I take the dog -- and I usually bribe my children with truffles if they will come with. The dog gets his exercise, as do I and the kids, and people often greet us and we meet interesting people. I have consistently noticed that I usually have a sense of happiness and joy after these times. It is good to be together and to nuture the places of healthy connection in our communities; it pays off.

I feel like the economic crisis, if we will allow it, will help us to re-discover these ways of being together again in America... and I do not mean in just 'pie-in-the-sky' ways. I had to deny myself things in my turning from consumeristic and isolated ways of living -- I had to overcome tremendous 'fears' that were keeping me isolated -- but as I did it, I began to taste something so much more authentic and real and sustainable that it began to 'grease the wheels' and make it easier to turn.

My hope is that I may find others onthis journey and that we are beginning to turn in our individual ways to discover and learn help each other.


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