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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Humble Pie for Breakfast.

So. God got me.

This morning I was drill sargeant momma, "Come on, get up!! Get dressed!! Get your chores done!! You're late!! Come on!!"

Then, in the shower, Christ spoke to me. Do you get up and "Come on?" No. "What do you want to do first thing in the morning?" Sit with you, wake up with you... "So why are you treating them differently?" Because I need to make sure they have "good habits"... (YES!! It sounded weak and lame to me too!!!! How embarrassing!!) "Why don't you let them come and 'sit in My lap with you' before you all start your chores? How about filling up before you work?" But we have to make sure we get to school... "Aren't you doing school at home so that you have the freedom to live in Kingdom rhythmns? How does it work for you? What are you afraid of? Do you do better work when you fill up with Me?" Yes... O.k, o.k. you have a point... you have all the points... "They are no different. Love first and then work together... No more drill sargeant." You're right. Forgive me. I am so embarrassed (which is another word for ashamed!!)

So. I confessed to the kids this conversation and asked them if they thought it might work better to come down to the couch and cuddle and have our "couch time" (Bible and stories), then eat breakfast and then run upstairs to do our "chores".

We start tomorrow. Now I am just trying to salvage today.


At 8:00 AM, Blogger H. Jane said...

Hurrah for a God that talks to you, that gives you gentle reminders of his "Kingdom rhythms." I've never recognized before that of course we'd all want a mom that listens as you did today.

At 9:56 PM, Blogger Tonya said...

So, this is a little too coincidential...I thought I'd be doing my morning quiet times in the library, but for some reason the couch downstairs calls me.

So, whichever child wakes up first finds me on the couch and snuggles up while I finish reading/praying. I am learning to not view this as an intrusion. Then we do breakfast, then we all go back upstairs to get dressed, make beds etc. before we head off to school.

I like this rhythm very much! And tonight #1 asked "Momma, will you be on the couch tomorrow when I wake up? Because I want to snuggle with you before E. wakes up." I guess she likes it too!

At 4:23 AM, Blogger Jan said...

To be present to God in the moment...listening and responding...how delicious.

At 7:05 AM, Blogger sleeping with bread said...

. . . picturing you this morning all cuddled on the couch . . . I'm sending hugs . . .


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